My name is Tyrone Walter, the visual storyteller of Tic Toc Photography. I specialize in documenting weddings and events in and around Houston, Texas.  I work with my wife and creative director Raquel. Together, we love travel, education, God and food.


How would you describe your style?

My style is sort of a relaxed photojournalism. My goal is to tell the story and capture the moments of the day which means that not everything is posed or staged.  I do everything I can to shoot naturally with no interruptions. I look for natural smiles and natural tears. I like to scan the room in search of heartwarming expressions. Your wedding is your day to celebrate with friends and family. You should not be spending hours with your photographer trying to come up with the best shot or trying to find the perfect light. Your love story is being told and you should see what it looks like from every perspective.


What do you enjoy the most about photography?


I think what I enjoy the most is seeing the connections people make.
It doesn't matter if its a corporate meeting where people are networking and
meeting each other for the first time or a wedding where two people connect
lovingly on a unique level.
In a split second the world becomes smaller and becomes just
about those two people, even if only for a moment. Capturing those moments makes me enjoy photography.


What should your clients expect?

If we choose to work together I think a client should expect
enthusiasm, respect and professionalism. The worst thing is to have
a photographer that is not enjoying your moment with you. It certainly would
show in the photos. They just wouldn't have the vibrancy
or investigative nature that great photos usually have. Respect
is something I choose to give everywhere and to everyone. I am a part
of YOUR day and hiring me is about me respecting and capturing your
vision. Professionalism is an important one. it is vital that a client
receives from me a character that is capable, trustworthy, earnest and honest.
My clients usually turn into my friends so I pride myself in putting my best
foot forward each time I look through the viewfinder.